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A propeller clock

Also known as a Persistance Of Vision (POV) display is based on a mechanically moving led row. This led row is either oscillating or rotating at a rate superior to human's eye remanence, making a dot matrix which seems to float in the air.


You'll find many similar projects on the web, but many of them are only table prototypes. We want to overtake this status and design a high-end system. But of course, the system has to be feasible by the most of us even with limited mechanical tools or skills.


The design is based on a high quality brushless motor. Those parts are designed to be really silent and able to run for long periods


The time displayed on the Virtual Clock appears to floatin mid-air. The display is continuously visible, without human intervention.The Virtual Clock has many features: The speed of the rotating arm can be increased to reduce flickering. The clock can be set to automatically turn on and off at specific times. Any one of 12 display modes can be selected, and the clock can automatically sequence through all display modes.